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Galvanised Steel Bar Grating | 40X5mm Bearing Bar | 40X100mm mesh hole

Galvanised Steel Bar Grating | 40X5mm Bearing Bar | 40X100mm mesh hole

    • Galvanised Steel Bar Grating | 40X5mm Bearing Bar | 40X100mm mesh hole
    • Galvanised Steel Bar Grating | 40X5mm Bearing Bar | 40X100mm mesh hole
    • Galvanised Steel Bar Grating | 40X5mm Bearing Bar | 40X100mm mesh hole
    • Galvanised Steel Bar Grating | 40X5mm Bearing Bar | 40X100mm mesh hole
  • Galvanised Steel Bar Grating | 40X5mm Bearing Bar | 40X100mm mesh hole

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: Anping, China
    Brand Name: HESLY
    Certification: ISO9001:2000
    Model Number: G405/40/100

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 10 ㎡
    Price: USD 10.00 to USD 380.00/ SQM
    Packaging Details: In Bulk Or Pallet
    Delivery Time: 12 days/20GP
    Payment Terms: T/T, L/C at sight, D/P at sight
    Supply Ability: 200 SQM/day
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    Detailed Product Description
    Material: Low Carbon Steel A283, Stainless Steel Bearing Bar Type: Flat / Serrated / "I"
    Technical: Welded / Pressure Locked Bearing Bar Pitch: 20mm To 200mm Etc
    Cross Bar Pitch: 30mm To 200mm Etc Max Length: 6000mm
    Surface Treatment: Galvanised / Powder Coated / Fluorocarbon Paint

    Galvanised Steel Bar Grating 

    HESLY Steel Bar Grating is manufactured from ASTM A-1011 mild carbon steel and is available in three distinct products, type "W" Welded Bar Grating, type "DT" Dovetail Pressure Locked Grating, and type "SL" Swage Locked Grating. All three products are available with bearing bar spacing ranging from 19/16" (1-3/16") to 7/16" on center and with cross bars at either 4" or 2" on center. Each product is available with the standard plain or optional serrated surface, and each product is available with a bare steel, painted or galvanized finish. The following Steel Load Tables provide detailed product specification information related to all three products.

    Welded Steel Bar Grating China Supplier

    Manufactured by assembling a series of equally spaced metal bars to connecting cross members, bar grating is available in three popular materials; mild carbon steel, 6000 series aluminum, and 300 series stainless steels.


    Type "W" Welded Steel Grating

    Welded Bar GratingOur most economical steel grating products, type "W" Welded Steel Gratings are manufactured by forge welding rectangular bearing bars and drawn cross bars. This welding process provides a positive fused connection providing years of service under the most demanding conditions. Type 19-W-4 steel grating is our most popular product and is recommended for nearly all industrial flooring applications. With nearly 80% open area, 19-W-4 allows for the easy passage of dirt, debris, snow and liquids and is essentially self-cleaning. Type "W" gratings are available in close mesh ADA conforming spacings 11-W-4 and 7-W-4 which are commonly used in public areas. When specifying type 11-W-4 for ADA applications, 3/16” thick bearing bars must be specified.


    Type "DT" Dovetail Pressure Locked Steel Grating

    pressure locked steel gratingType "DT" steel gratings have deep rectangular cross bars and are manufactured by inserting pre-punched bearing bars and cross bars into an “eggcrate” configuration and deforming the cross bars under intense hydraulic pressure.


    The deep cross bars on type "DT" gratings make them popular for architectural applications such as sun shades and infill panels with the deeper cross bar serving as a distinct architectural accent.




    Type "SL" swaged Intersection Steel Grating

    swage steel gratingType "SL" steel gratings are manufactured by inserting hollow tube cross bars into pre-punched holes in the bearing bars. The cross bars are then swaged forming a positive mechanical connection. The cross bars are recessed below the top surface of the bearing bars providing a uniform and attractive architectural appearance.

    Swage locking is a particularly efficient process for the production of close mesh gratings. Type 7-SL-4 with 3/16" thick bearing bars provides a net 1/4" clear opening between the bearing bars. This narrow opening is often preferred in public areas where concerns of drainage and the presence of high heeled shoes converge.


    A).Type of Bearing Bars

    Specify the type of grating required by reference of our four main types of products: Plain steel grating, serrated steel grating, I bar steel grating.
    flat bearing bar grating serrated bar grating I bar steel grating I bar serrated metal grating
    Plain Bearing Bar Serrated Bearing Bar "I" Type Bearing Bar "I" serrated Bearing Bar
    China HESLY Metal Bar grating supplier-Nominate the size of bearing bar and cross bar.
    -Nominate the pitch of bearing bar and cross bar.
    -Nominate the size of the steel grating panel.
    -Nominate whether banding is required.
    -For non standard panels, nominate dimension for length and width of individual panels.
    -Where large areas of flooring is to be covered, provide:
    i) shop drawings of grating floor zone.
    ii) detail drawings of beams, pillars and their joints.
    iii) setting positions of stairs and procedures of stairs, railing piping and etc.
    iv) sizes and locations of cutouts, kick plates and nosing.
    -For stair threads, select from our ranges of standard types and nominate dimensions and quality. Our recommended length and widths should be nominated for economical orders.

    Spacing of Bearing Bars


    Bearing bar centers at 20mm:
    This kind of fine mesh steel gratings have strong
    load ability and also can prevent the access of
    sundries of 18mm in diameter. This kind of gratings
    fit for pedestrian deck, walkway and ditch covers
    which require high security
    Notes: common welding standard: single-side full welding every 6 bearing bars



    Bearing bar centers at 30mm:
    This kind of steel grating is the most commonly used in projects with American, Australian, Japan standards are available. This kind of gratings are featured well by heavyduty, well resistance of strong impact on surface. this kind of steel grating fit for all kind of industrial platforms.
    Notes: common welding standard: single- side full welding every 5 bearing bars


    40_.jpgBearing bar centers at 40mm:

    light grating and very economical. This kind of gratings fit for fixed platforms, walkway, and stair treads and British, German,French and Japanese standards are available. The products most commonly used for Belt corridor, storage shelf,Attic panel, trestle, guardrail, sunshade gate, etc.
    Notes: common welding standard: single- side full welding every 4 bearing bars


    Bearing bar centers at 60mm:
    This kind of steel gratings are especially used for mining industries. It can solve the problem that mineral splashing down and stacks on the walkway. This product usually used for mineral miningand processing and it is the best choice for workshop, meeting room and suspended ceiling of stadium in terms of it's light weight.
    Notes:common welding standard: single- side full welding every 3 bearing bars

    Applications of HESLY Bar Gratings

    This is our project of steel grating ,it can be used to many aspects just like:
    platform trestle trend fence equipment walk way
    pavement channel over manhole cover trash rack mentance platform
    foot bridge scaffold ladder storage shelf marine platform

    Specifications of Steel Grating:

    Bearing Bar Spacing Cross Bar Spacing

    Bearing Bar Specification ( Width * Thickness)

    ( mm ) ( mm )

    ( mm )

    ( mm )

    ( mm )

    ( mm )

    ( mm )

    ( mm )

    30 100 G325/30/100 G405/30/100 G455/30/100 G505/30/100 G555/30/100 G605/30/100



    G325/30/50 G405/30/50 G4555/30/50 G505/30/50 G555/30/50 G605/30/50
    40 100 G325/40/100 G405/40/100 G455/40/100 G505/40/100 G555/40/100 G605/40/100



    G325/40/50 G405/40/50 G455/40/50 G505/40/50 G555/40/50 G605/40/50
    60 50 G325/60/50 G405/60/50 G455/60/50 G505/60/50 G555/60/50 G605/60/50

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