EON China Steel & FRP Grating Factory - ISO certificate

A few words about us
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EON China Steel & FRP Grating Factory - ISO certificate

Welcome to HeslyGrating, Located in Anping, CHINA, we are pleased to offer service to a wide range of customers throughout the world.

Mission Statement:
To serve our customers by offering a quality product at a fair price, with precise processing and on-time delivery. At the same time, giving our employees the opportunity to earn a good wage in pleasant surroundings while taking enjoyment and personal satisfaction in their jobs. In a word, " Do what's Right For The Customers & Employees. " 

Company Profile:

EON Steel & FRP Grating Factory (HeslyGrating) was founded in 2005. When created, we determined international market as the mainly sales center. The vision at the time was simple, “Service to the customers and credibility to the suppliers”.

Up to now, HeslyGrating brings a combined 12 years experience to the production of our quality products. With a primary focus related to the manufacture and fabrication of metal bar grating and fiberglass grating, we offer steel, stainless steel, FRP/GRP and aluminum and products.

we have supplied more than 20 countries with high quality gratings and have established a reputation for courteous and knowledgeable service with quick “turnaround” of orders placed. The customer is truly the driving force at HeslyGrating. with a strong emphasis by our employees on accuracy and integrity. While we strive for perfection, in the event of the inevitable error, our policy is to "Do What's Right For The Customer." After all, a company’s reputation is often enhanced by the way it solves problems.

Grating Range:

Our diverse product line includes light duty gratings for industrial applications, heavy duty gratings for vehicular or aircraft loads, FRP gratings for shipyard and specialty bar grating products for commercial and architectural applications.

Welded Bar Grating

FRP Grating

Safety Grating

Stainless Steel Grating

Pressure Locked Grating

Grating Fence

Grating Trench Cover

Heavy Duty Grating

Stair Treads

Custom Fabrication

Should your application require customized gratings, don't hesitate to consult with our experience technical team. The entire team at HeslyGrating. is dedicated to provide timely service, product quality and competitive pricing.


HeslyGrating is happy to be of service to you now and in the future. We appreciate the relationship with each and every customer that has enabled us to rank highest in the industry! We thank you for your business!


Contact Information:

Tel: +86-318-7888890   Fax: +86-318-7963989   Mob: +8618831816606   Email: hesly@heslymetalmesh.com

China Anping Steel Grating Supplier


Company Details

Main Market

North America

South America

Western Europe

Eastern Asia

Southeast Asia




Business Type



Trading Company


Brands : HESLY

No. of Employees : 50~100

Annual Sales : $1,000,000-$5,000,000

Year Established : 2012

Export p.c : 70% - 80%

Company Service


Why choose EON-HESLY ?

>Quality Qualified
Quality is life. EON-HESLY has been providing the highest quality in steel structure plateform solutions for over 10 years. And we have 10 years rich experience in the manufacturing and exporting the gratings.
>On Time
From years experience of international business, we realized the importance of delivery time for foreign partners. So We try our best to ship the cargo when we promised or earlier.
>No Extra Cost
From our years experience of international business, we realized that there are too many unreliable suppliers provide customers with Wrong documents,poor packages and so on, which bring about some  extra cost here and there. For EON-HESLY, our experienced staff will guarantee everything is right, professional and timely, which is from offering to deliver the cargo to your hands.
>Experienced & Professional teams
Trust Highly motivated and qualified staff as well as selected external partners ensure that HESLY's customers are served by the best specialists in the market.


Company Team

People & Teams

\"HESLYEON-HESLY think that high quality products and services together with a management system which is effective, operational and cares about people — these are the ingredients for excellence. Therefore a group of enthusiastic and creative group of young people was gathered, capable to adapt to the situation and able to work together to grow and to compete in the national and international markets. 
From years experience of international business, we were aware of the challenges ahead, represented by high quality standard driven markets along with competitive prices and only the help of the most professional teams.
By steady effort, Today we are not only proud to have achieved our objectives by offering high quality products to the market, but also to be a highly motivated group of people which believe in themselves and are fully committed to our clients, company, family and our community.